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    First person shooter video games are very popular these days. Whether it be Call of Duty, Halo or any other game tons of people love them. So why not have a similar experience on you BlackBerry? With Shooter you will not only have a gun pop up to reveal 6 cross-hairs doubling as customizable apps, you will also be able to shoot the gun. Yes you read correctly, you can shoot the gun on the screen and see an animation never seen in a theme like this. If you are a fan of first person shooter games pick up this theme today!

    • Weather slot – must have a paid or free weather app installed (not included)
    • 6 “cross-hairs” doubling as customizable apps
    • Shooting gun animation!
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • No carrier
    • Transitions throughout
    • For keyboard devices – (click spacebar to show gun and cross-hairs, click escape key to hide, and click $ to shoot gun)
    • For touchscreen devices – (click/touch middle of screen to show gun and cross-hairs, click escape key to hide, and click/touch gun to shoot)

    Version 1.5 now includes landscape homescreen support!

    Get Shooter from the Crackberry store HERE
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    Theme has been updated! Check original post for details.
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