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    Rubus - Scientific Name For BlackBerry

    With the operating system BlackBerry 6 now available for more devices besides the Torch came new themes for those devices running BlackBerry 6. With the new OS came new and welcome features. One of them being Universal Search. With Rubus you can easily open universal search by simply clicking the search icon on the top right corner just as you would with the default BlackBerry 6 theme. Not many, if any at all, themes have this function on the homescreen. Another innovative design in Rubus is the addition of "widgets" where you can add and remove the calendar, weather slot, and icons on the homescreen. Rubus feels more like an extension of the default theme and very much appealing to the eye.

    • Customizable icons on homescreen - (5 for keyboard devices, 8 for touchscreen devices
    • Weather widget 1st position in the applications screen - (you need to download a free or paid weather application in order for the weather to appear on the homescreen)
    • Widgets Options Page - click the options icon on the bottom left banner
    • Universal search on homescreen - (only for devices running BlackBerry 6)
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • No carrier
    • Transitions throughout

    Updates in version 1.5:

    Homescreen landscape mode now available
    Widgets not available in landscape mode

    Grab Rubus at the Crackberry store HERE
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    Theme has been updated! Check original post for details.
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