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    With the leak of the 6.1 icons came many themes rocking them. Although a nice icon set I wanted to take a different approach. Working with 6.1 icons, but not the ones that everyone was using, Redox was built with the means to show off the yummyness of the icon set. With never before seen icons that have been tweaked and built from the available leaked icons Redox is sure to look spectacular on your BlackBerry. Having a nice clear view of your wallpaper is not all you get. You will also get a nice big clock in the middle top of the screen with a weather slot and it sure does look good! Grab Redox today to bring something beautiful to your BlackBerry!

    • Hidden dock - (6 icons for keyboard devices, 5 icons for touchscreen and Style/Pearl 3G devices)
    • Weather slot - (You must have a paid or free weather app installed and placed in the first position of your applications screen)
    • Big clock
    • Homescreen landscape mode NOT supported for touchscreen devices
    • Transitions throughout
    • No carrier
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Different 6.1 icons


    Updates to version 1.5:

    • Changed the homescreen clock font to avoid it being cut off
    • Added landscape homescreen

    Get Redox at the Crackberry store HERE
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    Theme has been updated! Lowered the weather slot to avoid icon covering too much of the time. And fixed the clock being cut off.
    04-08-11 02:22 AM
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    Theme has been updated! Check original post for details.
    04-20-11 11:54 PM