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    Gray Matter Themes Presents Morph

    Morph brings the creativity of creating a BlackBerry theme right to your own homescreen! Why choose a theme and then find a wallpaper that fits in with it when you can choose your wallpaper and change the themes layout and color scheme to match!

    With Morph you can:

    - Choose to hide or show EVERY widget on your homescreen, show nothing but the wallpaper should you so desire.

    - Move every homescreen item (widgets, underlays, icons) to wherever YOU want them on the screen, not just where the theme maker has placed them or forced you to choose from a fixed choice of locations.

    - Choose which of 3 different shapes of underlay you want to use then choose where you want them, which of 7 different styles they will be AND apply custom color tinting with various levels of tinting strength to them.

    - Configure up to two OCD (weather slot / batteryex / etc) icons, choose their position on screen or hide them individually should you desire.

    - Choose either icons, just text or icons with text for your main dock and choose where you want it on screen or simply hide the entire dock.

    - Apply custom color tinting to your wallpaper with 5 different color choices and 5 strength levels of tinting.

    - Choose from 3 different clock sizes.

    Morph also includes:

    - Shortcuts / hotspots for QuickLaunch, Calendar, Clock, SMS and Manage Connections. Two user-defined shortcuts are also included.

    - User customized fonts.

    - Built in help screens detailing theme customization and available shortcuts.

    - Free lifetime support, free upgrades and a commitment to further development and bug fixes.

    To get started with Morph, press # on keyboard BlackBerry's or click center-left on touchscreens to display the initial help screen.

    Morph is available for the following devices and OS versions:

    OS 5.0 on Storm & Storm2 9500, 9530, 9520 & 9550
    OS 5.0 on Bold 9650 & 9700, Curve 8900, 8910, 8930 & 8980, Tour 9630
    OS 5.0 on Pearl 9100 3G & 9105 3G

    OS 6.0 on Torch 9800
    OS 6.0 on Bold 9650, 9700 & 9780
    OS 6.0 on Style 9670, Pearl 9100 3G & 9105 3G

    Morph is available for $2.99 at the CrackBerry store:

    Click here to purchase

    Please be sure to select the correct OS version and device version during the checkout process.

    Gray Matter Themes is giving away ten free copies of Morph, enter the coupon code "cbmorph" during checkout for a free copy.


    While this theme does offer very high levels of customization, it unfortunately cannot offer the ability for your customizations to be saved across reboots of your BlackBerry or between switching themes. This is a limitation of the SVG language used for developing themes which provides no method for storing information on your BlackBerry device or media card. If you are in the habit of rebooting your phone often this may not be the theme for you.
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    06-22-11 11:23 AM
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    After receiving some feedback reference the lack of landscape support in Morph via the appverse reviews in the CrackBerry store I wanted to share my response here so that everyone could understand why I did not implement a landscape homescreen in the Torch and Storm/Storm2 versions of Morph:

    "I appreciate your input and truly sympathize with your needs (I own a storm2 myself). In order to achieve the level of customization in Morph I hand wrote nearly 3,700 lines of SVG code, to implement landscape would require doubling the amount of code to over 7,000 lines which would drag down the performance of the theme a lot. I had this same dilemma with Reflex (which is nowhere near as much code, but still significantly high) and my experiments with implementing landscape on that theme resulted in lumpy homescreen performance with long pauses and responses to the users input. I'm sorry that I cannot satisfy your request (I wish I could give everyone what they want!) but I hope you can understand why there is this limitation in Morph. Russ."

    Link to the appverse reviews at the CrackBerry store

    I truly wish I could satisfy everyone's wants and needs with my themes and try my best to implement or find common ground on all requests I receive, however, sometimes things are not possible especially when a theme is already truly pushing the limits of what is available to us themers in our tool-set from RIM. I hope that everyone understands why I cannot grant a landscape request.

    06-24-11 11:23 AM
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    Version 1.1 has been uploaded to Mobihand, should you not receive the notification email please login to your mobihand account page to download the update.

    Fixes in this release:

    - Fixed click-through to homescreen issues when menu's are displayed.

    V1.2 is scheduled for release early next week and will include several feature enhancements.
    06-24-11 07:31 PM
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    The version 1.2 update for the Storm and Storm2 has been uploaded to Mobihand. If you do not receive the upgrade notification email, please log into your Mobihand account page to download it.

    Updates in this release:

    - Theme customization menus now have checkmarks to show selections.
    - Focus color on the homepage and within the configuration menus is now configurable from a choice of nine colors.
    - Focus bars in BlackBerry applications and menu are now dark blue as the gray was reported as hard to see.
    - Island underlay color tint now works properly.

    The next upcoming v1.3 release will include the following:

    - Icons will be individually moveable and configurable.
    - OCD's will have a choice of icons / text / icons AND text.
    06-30-11 10:36 AM
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    The Morph v1.3 update has been released to Mobihand. Should you not receive the update notification email, please login to your Mobihand account page to download the update.

    Changes in this release:

    - User configurable today displays available for Calendar, Email, Call log, SMS & BBM (BBM only available on OS6).
    - Dock icons can now be moved and hidden individually.
    - Text and/or icon choice is now available for all dock and OCD icons.
    - Added touch focus color to the central hotspots on touchscreen versions.
    - Touchscreen versions now have 6 available dock icons, four initially visible and two initially hidden.
    - Hidden icons can still be selected and used, allowing for hidden icon/hotspot creation.
    - Three different font choices now available for the clock.

    Please note:

    Due to their size, the today displays are initially configured to all occupy the same position on the homescreen, should you wish to enable more than one you must change the position of the additional displays so that they do not overlap each other.
    07-20-11 08:49 AM
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    Update to 1.3 is now live on BlackBerry App World!

    Morph v1.3 on BlackBerry App World

    If you haven't received the update notice yet, opening up Morph from 'My World' should allow you to upgrade.

    08-03-11 09:53 PM
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    Update to 1.3 is now live on BlackBerry App World!

    Morph v1.3 on BlackBerry App World

    If you haven't received the update notice yet, opening up Morph from 'My World' should allow you to upgrade.

    08-03-11 09:53 PM