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    Kurai comes at you with a nice homescreen setup with everything you need at your fingertips. With various customizable icons, hotspots and wallpaper friendliness Kurai is sure to please mostly anyone. This time around the newest theme from The World Of Pootermobile goes a bit old school with the icons but they flow nicely with the overall feel of Kurai. And as always Kurai is quite wallpaper friendly when having the icons hidden. you will enjoy the animation of the icons hiding too! So go ahead and grab Kurai today!

    • Touchscreen devices - 8 customizable icons and full landscape homescreen support

    • Keyboard devices - 6 customizable icons

    • Customizable icons on homescreen
    • Hide the icons by clicking the three circles on the bottom banner
    • Fixed icons on top banner - Manage Connections, Search (Universal Search for OS6 devices), and Clock
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Transitions throughout
    • No carrier

    Get Kurai from the Crackberry store HERE
    09-09-11 06:44 PM