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    Cranked out of the wild world of Pootermobile, Kino is a funky theme sure to please almost everyone. What makes Kino is the icons, weird and colorful but yet a welcome surprise. On the homescreen you'll have a vertical dock that can be hidden which makes for a very wallpaper friendly theme. But wait there are more goodies Kino will give you. When focusing on an icon on the homescreen a blue bubble will magically appear and have a fun bouncing animation. Not only that but in Kino Poots will give you instructions on how to use the theme like always, but this time he appears with style riding on a unicorn. And this time you will have the option of hiding the instructions but leaving Poots on the screen! Get Kino today for a fun unique experience on your BlackBerry!


    • Now with full landscape mode support!

    • Customizable icons on homescreen - 6 for keyboard devices, 8 for touchscreen devices, 7 for Style and Pearl 3G devices.
    • Hide-able vertical dock
    • On screen instructions - hide instructions and Poots by clicking on Poots, click on the instructions bubble to hide them and to leave Poots on the screen.
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Full landscape mode support
    • No carrier
    • Transitions throughout

    Get Kino from the Crackberry store HERE
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    Theme has been updated! Check original post for details.
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