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    [ HTC Desire HD ] - by The Theme Box

    [ Description ]

    Introducing HTC Desire HD, a beautiful representation of the famed SenseUI experience, right on your BlackBerry.

    What makes Desire HD so special is the way you can dynamically change the look of your homescreen within the theme itself. Choose between the original Sense, Slate, Metal, and Wood themes; all four are all included in ONE theme, making Desire HD a great value!

    - Fully-skinned UI and icons
    - Fluid animations
    - Ridiculously tiny file size (at just over 1mb)
    - Landscape homescreen enabled (Torch 9800 and Storm)
    - Large HTC-like clock widget (left side launches Clock, right side launches Profiles)
    - 4 pre-installed themes
    - Top notification bar drops down to reveal Today Screen
    - Use the preset theme wallpaper or use your own
    - Many other built-in options to customize the theme to your liking
    - Keyboard shortcuts: Spacebar launches QuickLaunch (sold separately) and Dollar Sign launches SMS

    [ Compatibility ]

    OS 6 - Torch 9800, Bold 9780/9700/9650
    OS 5 - Bold 9700/9650, Tour 9630, Curve 8900
    OS 4.7 - Tour 9630, Curve 8900

    [ Purchase ]

    Purchase from: CrackBerry

    [ Updates ]

    2.2 - April 7, 2011

    - HUGE theme overhaul / re-code!
    - Combined all 4 skins into 1 theme (previously 2 in 1)
    - Drastically increased theme performance, while substantially decreasing file size
    - Fixed all documented bugs
    - Added landscape support (for touch-enabled devices)
    - Bottom-left arrow is now user-defined
    - Left half of clock widget now launches Clock, right side launches Profiles
    - Top notification bar now click-able, slides down to access Today Screen and houses toggles for various Theme Options
    - Skinned previously untouched elements

    2.2.1 - April 10, 2011

    OS 6 bug fixes:
    - fixed top bar issue when upon click, cursor disappears (instead there is one extra scrollable invisible space to the right of your Weather slot, but it's a worthy compromise)
    - fixed cut off notification icon
    - decreased font size in message list

    OS 5 / 4.7 bug fixes:
    - fixed call screen font issues

    OS 5 / 4.7 and OS 6:
    - slightly increased Today fonts for Messages and Calendar in drop-down list

    2.3 - April 18, 2011

    - Updated all wallpapers to the new Sense 3.0 wallpapers!
    - Back button now dismisses Skin Chooser Screen

    OS 6 Keyboard Devices:
    - Slightly increased message list, menu, and button fonts

    OS 6 Touch Devices:
    - Removed random Question Mark that appears when turning on WiFi
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    Contest winners have been announced on the first post!
    11-11-10 04:45 PM
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    Hey guys, I know I've been a bit quiet on here but rest assured, I have been keeping an eye on the threads and noting down what needs to be fixed/changed. I'm in the process of recoding the theme from scratch to make it even more efficient/optimized, and probably the best news: it's gonna have ALL versions of the themes in one instead of just two. I'm excited to get this out, but it will take some time before this is completed. Bare with me as we head into version 2.0 and make this theme even more "desirable"
    11-13-10 02:00 PM
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    Check first post for information regarding version 2.0!
    11-14-10 03:35 AM
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    Updated info on v2.0, check first post!
    11-16-10 02:20 PM
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    Hi everyone, I have just published version 2.0 for the keyboard devices and I just wanted to pop in and let everybody know Storm/Torch v2.0 is still coming as promised. I ask for your patience and understanding as it's really not an easy theme to re-code from scratch due to its complex nature, and that I want to take the time needed to ensure it's polished and as functional as possible. Thanks!
    11-30-10 11:41 AM
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    Storm version has now been updated to v2.1, check main post for details!
    02-15-11 11:34 PM
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    HTC Desire HD is FREE for two days (ending March 2 at midnight EST). Just check out with coupon code "TTBFREEBIE" to take advantage of this discount! This discount applies to Torch and Storm versions only.
    03-01-11 11:25 AM
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    I just downloaded this theme and think it is awesome but I have one quick question.

    At the top of the screen, next to my WiFi icon I have a "?". I have WiFi turned on and I am connected so I don't know if that has something to do with it or not.

    I would really just like to know why it is there and what it means!


    03-06-11 12:30 PM
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    No idea, it's something that showed up in Theme Builder Beta 2 lol.
    03-06-11 11:19 PM
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    If you missed the freebie, the theme is on sale for $1.99 for the week.
    03-08-11 01:07 PM
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    Updated to v2.3

    - Updated all wallpapers to the new Sense 3.0 wallpapers!
    - Back button now dismisses Skin Chooser Screen

    OS 6 Keyboard Devices:
    - Slightly increased message list, menu, and button fonts

    OS 6 Touch Devices:
    - Removed random Question Mark that appears when turning on WiFi
    04-18-11 07:54 PM
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    Hey , just thought I would let you know . . The today dropdown for messages doesn't show them :/ and the top right clock cuts down the time when its a 4 digit time ex. 12:10 it shows 12:1 . Over all great theme just those things are a great bummer since I verly bought this theme. Can you do something about this? It really bugs me lol . BTW I use the 9530 (:
    04-28-11 08:15 PM