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    Are you ready for a taste of the Android Honeycomb on your BlackBerry device? WJD Designs presents “HoneyBerry” a theme inspired by the newest operating system on the Android platform. As of 1/17/11 Honeycomb hasn’t even came out commercially to the Android users but that didn’t stop us from emulating the experience to the BlackBerry device. The interface, icons, widgets all are inspired by Honeycomb and look amazing on the BlackBerry device.

    Let’s start of by looking at the lower left hand corner where you will be presented with a “Left” “Home” “Right” button group. Each button corresponds to a homescreen layout.

    • The “Left” arrow button will allow you to see a homescreen with your Calendar events in a today style view. You can scroll up to each task and select them to directly enter the calendar view.
    • The “Right arrow button will allow you to see the Email widget which will give you another today style view. Both of these views allow for more information being displayed at once on different screens.
    • The “Home” button will allow the user to be in the center screen where they have 8 icons on 480360 screen size devices or 6 icons on the Storm/Torch devices.

      *Note you must hit the “Home” icon before moving to the apposite screen*
    • Next we have the top overlay widget group that can be accessed on the home screen by scrolling up from the icons. If you scroll and click on the “Google” search widget you will be sent to the “Google Search App” ! (MUST HAVE GOOGLE SEARCH APP INSTALLED – Pick it up free @ www. m.google.com/search
    • Scroll one more to the right and click to access the default BlackBerry voice application.
    • Slide to the right and you will be on the quick App Screen button. This is an alternative to get you to your application list instead of hitting the hard key.
    • Slide one more to the right and you will be able to click the “x/-” on screen to “show” and “hide” the application icons. This will allow you to see a full screen wallpaper that you can select through your options area!

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