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    HedoneDesign PSHD theme for BlackBerry Smartphone devices - NOW SUPPORTING OS6 DEVICES.

    Theme name: HedoneDesign PSHD theme
    Theme author: HedoneDesign
    Theme credits: HedoneDesign

    Download Link(s): check Crackberry Store or more info at HedoneDesign
    Price: 6.99$

    Special features:
    * DFK
    * HDTP
    * BQC
    * XtH


    HedoneDesign is CB Theme developer of the year 2010 and MH Theme throwdown 2010 winner.

    We could call this theme an “homage” to the unique interface that Sony dreamed up for it’s now legendary line of PlayStation gaming machines, but this theme moves faster than that. Much faster. There are at least two of us here at the Bat-Cave (aka "office") who have been treated for whiplash during the testing of this theme.

    Moving side to side brings you menu-type icons which will then allow you to move up and down through additional icons/options/favorites and such – you can do almost anything from your home screen! PSHD enables you to move as quickly as you think (in some cases, and we won’t talk about those, even faster). Enabled with such goodies as DFK, this one’s not just perfect, but perfect for you.

    Operating instructions:
    The theme displays five vertical rows on the home screen.
    - Favorites – here you can customize icons on the home screen for your favorite
    applications, place them in the first positions on your application screen.
    - Media
    - Phone
    - Web (please note, if you do not have Facebook or Twitter for Blackberry, these two buttons will not work).
    - Utilities
    The second, third, fourth and fifth rows are fixed and cannot be changed.

    On the home screen there is a round bubble displaying the battery meter, signal strength and time.

    Battery meter: green is full, red is empty (color will change from green to red to show you how much battery you have left)

    This theme is also very wallpaper friendly.

    ******As soon as Theme Studio 6.0 is out of Beta, you will get you updated version of this theme. While still in beta you may experience some bugs in OS 6.0 theme.******

    ***Minimum OS is 5.0***

    ***Be careful when choosing, you choose one you would like to get! Subsequent claims can not be taken into account! Also check screenshots first and then select the theme you want! Screenshots can be found in Theme Store.***

    ***You MUST have a data plan/internet access on your BlackBerry in order to install themes. 5.0 OS version themes will NOT work on any device running an older operating system! Also 6.0 version themes will NOT work on device running an older operating system!***

    Suported devices:

    8500, 8900, 8950, 9000, 9300, 9330, 9500, 9630, 9650, 9700 series running OS5

    9650, 9700, 9780, 9800 series running OS6
    03-02-11 03:34 PM