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    The World Of Pootermobile is back at it again! You know there is always a nice twist in every Pootermobile theme and Galax is a prime example of that. As an avid theme user Pootermobile knows what most users like and that is to show off your custom wallpaper on the homescreen. With Galax all you do is set your wallpaper how you always do and bam! Your wallpaper appears scaled down in the middle of the screen giving more room for other goodies. You get a bottom dock with this theme and 4 fixed apps. You also get two shortcuts, one is good ol' Poots and he takes you to your options, second is your wallpaper and that takes you to your pictures. To finish off a well rounded theme is the icons and with Galax you get a simplistic yet beautiful icon set. Don't miss out on a fun and unique experience with Galax grab today!

    Touchscreen devices:
    • 8 customizable icons for portrait, 6 for landscape
    • Landscape mode available

      Keyboard devices:
    • 10 customizable icons

    • Unique wallpaper placement
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Wallpaper doubles as shortcut to pictures folder
    • Weather slot - (must have paid or free weather application in the first slot of the applications screen)
    • TWP's mascot Poots doubles as shortcut to option - (Poots icon does not go away)
    • Transitions throughout


    • Fixed icons are now customizable

    Get Galax from the Crackberry store HERE
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    Theme has been updated! Check original post for details.
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