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    It's been a while since a new theme has come out of The World Of Pootermobile and Elevate comes out firing! A very cool dock for this new theme might look like any old bottom dock, but by simply clicking the spacebar or touch/click of the screen the dock "elevates" to reveal your calendar area. Very fun and functional at the same time. There is also a small dock on the top banner with three fixed icons (Messages, Text Messages, BlackBerry Messenger). And if you forget how to work the theme when you first load up the theme TWP's mascot Poots will help you out with some instructions on the screen.

    • Bottom dock (6 icons for keyboard devices, 5 icons for touchscreen devices, 5 icons for Style/Pearl 91xx)
    • Hidden today calendar area
    • Hidden top dock with three fixed icons. Click the red dot on the top left corner to show, click again to hide (Messages, Text Messages, BlackBerry Messenger)
    • Weather slot - must have a paid or free weather application on the first spot in your applications screen
    • No carrier
    • Transitions throughout
    • Homescreen landscape mode NOT supported for touchscreen devices

    Get it at the Crackberry store HERE
    03-24-11 04:15 PM