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    D-light comes at you with great functionality, style, and flair. Starting with a side dock full of text icons and transitioning to the unique look of the clock on the homescreen you will sure be delighted with this theme. And like most The World of Pootermobile themes your homescreen will be complimented with a weather slot. But there is yet to find some goodies on the homescreen! In the bottom right corner of the screen there is a spot where you click and it takes you straight to your pictures for quick access to be changing your wallpaper. The icon set is a nice compliment to round out a great looking theme for your BlackBerry. Grab D-light today and light up your BlackBerry!

    For touchscreen devices:

    • 12 customizable text icons (text icons show up according to the order of the icon on your app screen, app 1 is also app 1 on the homescreen)

      For keyboard devices:

    • 8-10 customizable icons depending on what device you have

    • Customizable text icons
    • Weather slot
    • Unique clock
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • No carrier
    • Transitions throughout

    Get D-light at the Crackberry store HERE
    12-23-11 05:21 PM