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    check out berryfication editor rezn's review of TINT here!
    bbt's TINT by bbt Designs | Berryfication Review!

    Hey everyone!

    Everything is working, including the today area (hideable) and full landscape support!

    With my third theme I wanted to create something with a little more color, but maintain a high level of functionality and flexibility. I incorporated the feedback I've gotten from my first two themes and have skinned the callscreens, appscreen and combined sms/messages in the today area. Also, I am offering multiple color versions, as I've gotten requests for this as well. I may add a fourth color at a later date.

    There is also a pretty slick custom coded animation for the show/hide function of the today area I think you're going to enjoy!

    Some unique features of TINT:
    • Highly wallpaper friendly - with dock and today hidden only one banner along the bottom will be visible!
    • Functional - 6 calendar items, 3 sms and 2 messages in unique switchable today area as seen on slate and metro (see navigation screenshot for location of switches to swap between messages and calendar)
    • 2 docks - P one with 4 icons of text, and another with 6 icons of icons, L 6 icons of text and 8 icons of icons
    • Highly flexible design - hideable today, hideable weather, hideable docks, hideable banners
    • Options panel on homescreen with 6 colors - pink, red, blue, purple, grey and brown - and 4 opacity levels - 0%, 60%, 75%, 90%
    • Subtle color tint throughout the OS in menus, buttons, callscreens, appscreen and homescreen
    • Custom animation on show/hide function of today area
    • Multiple color schemes available (blue, coral or purple)
    • Regular versions (not black) have customizable fonts
    • Custom made icons
      Handcoded svg means it is fast and clean!
    Here are some screens of TINT:

    There are 4 hotspots on the homescreen (use the caps key for letters):
    • messages = Messages
    • battery = Options
    • signal = Connections
    • profile = Profiles

    And TINT comes in multiple versions, to fit your needs!
    Blacked out in Blue, coral or purple (see above screenshots)
    Default White in Blue, coral or purple (see above screenshots)

    Links are up!

    let me know what you think!
    And feel free to post screenshots!


    **remember to do a battery pull after installing**
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    I love the look of this theme. Good Job But I am wondering if it will be available in Black/Pink??? It says other colors "may" be available, so I was asking
    01-08-11 09:51 PM