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    See more screenshots of the Full Screen Today Panel,
    Options Panel and Call Screens at the purchase link below.

    *Available with OS7 icon set*

    Your Blackberry. Your way.
    Choose the accent color of your homescreen, the color of your background or choose to use a wallpaper. You can also choose to hide or show the weather slot and lock or unlock the dock. When the dock is locked, your icons will stay in view. When unlocked, the icon dock will hide when not in focus.

    Experience the new UI throughout your device, even in calls.
    With MetroUI, call screens have an added flair as well. The background reflects your chosen home screen wallpaper, and the buttons are styled to fit the theme.

    Slick, fluid animations on home and call screens.
    Experience drop down animations, slide effects and fade animations throughout. Button highlights fade in and out on call screens, the Today Area slides down fluidly from the notification bar on the home screen and the Options Panel slides up from the bottom of the screen.

    Full screen Today Area.
    Access the maximum of your Today. When you click on the notification bar on your Home screen, a full page of Today items will slide into view. The highlight color reflects the color you choose in the Options Panel.

    Simple to set up, fun to use.
    Scroll around the home screen and find just what you need. No shortcuts required.

    * Skinned Call and Lock screens.
    * Fluid animations.
    * High quality graphics.
    * Hideable dock, weather slot, Today Area.
    * Fullscreen today area and full-width notification bar.
    * Skinned Lock screen.
    * Fast.

    Clickable Banner.
    Time opens Clock/Alarm, Notifications opens Today Area, Profiles opens Profiles, Signal opens Manage Connections, Battery opens Options, Date opens Calendar.

    Optional Home Screen Shortcuts:
    (0) - Show Options Panel. Alternatively scroll to the bottom of the icon dock and click the settings cog that pops up.
    (3) - Open Today Panel. Alternatively click on the notifications bar.

    Additional Home screen Shortcuts:
    (Spacebar) Opens icon in weather slot (first icon on app page)
    (L) Profiles
    (K) Calendar
    (O) Options
    (M) Messages
    (N) BBM
    ($) SMS
    (@) Manage Connections

    As always we love to hear your feedback!
    Let us know what you think and feel free to post some shots.



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    Please Support for 9000 OS5!
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