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    check out berryfication editor rezn's review of Gloss here!
    bbt's Gloss by bbt Designs!

    Gloss is fast, flexible and uniquely customizable!

    Check your Calendar items, latest Text Messages and Unread Messages at a glance.
    Unique flexible layout! Press Escape (right of trackpad) to hide/show elements of the screen (see screenshots below)

    Highly Flexible Layout, unique wallpaper-friendly experience!
    bbt's signature flexible homescreen allows you to customize the layout nearly anyway you like. Show or hide the today area, the dock and the weather slot whenever you like.
    Turn everything off to see your wallpaper in all its glory, leaving only two small bars on the top and bottom of the screen.

    Uniquely Customizable.
    As soon as you turn on your device or activate Gloss, you'll be presented with a unique, custom-coded Options Panel.
    Choose from 5 different colors and 4 opacity levels, to fit your device to any custom wallpaper you have.
    (bottom 4 circles are opacity - rightmost is 0% opacity and resets color to black)

    Sleek and Professional Style.
    With dark, glossy menus, banners, buttons and popups, Gloss is easy to read and looks great, too.

    Available in 6 Different Versions.
    Get Gloss in red or blue, blacked out or white. Available with OS6 or custom icons.
    Here is Gloss!

    And Gloss comes in 8 versions!

    • Red or Blue
    • Blacked out or regular
    • OS6 icons or custom icons

    Links are up:

    let me know what you think, and feel free to post screenshots


    **please do a battery pull after installing a new theme!**
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