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    Put OS 7 on your BlackBerry now! We took the OS 7 icons and style and inserted it into your BlackBerry, get the next generation now!

    We made this theme to give all existing users the pleasure of OS7 without the hassle of upgrading their device. We also removed the annoying panels that everyone always complains about and instead inserted a custom dock that performs and looks identical to OS7. Make your BlackBerry new again with 70 by Ag Designs & Graphics.

    OS6 Users:
    The OS6 UI is retained, you get the new OS7 icons and a little fine tuning to some graphics.

    Storm Users:
    It will feel like you are using the next generation Torch2! We made a completely custom, hand coded, home screen that replicates OS7 like you wouldn't believe. There is a sliding dock that is controlled by tapping your very own wallpaper; there are 3 rows of 4 icons and they can be completely hidden. Up top, the banner has 5 hotspots; the upper banner will open Manage Connections, and clicking the lower banner where your notifications will appear will open Messages. Then there is the Profiles icon and a shortcut to the Search application, also press the time to go to the Clock. The OS7 icons look absolutely beautiful on our provided wallpaper, but you can chose your own it will look equally amazing on this crisp, smooth running theme.

    OS5 TrackPad/Ball Users:
    We took the OS7 style and function and refined it to be a fast running theme for all devices. You get a 2 row 6 icon dock on the bottom that is simply and effortlessly controlled by scrolling down to reveal the icons. When you don't want them there so you can see your wallpaper just scroll up and you'll find a banner with 4 hotspots. There is the top banner that links your to Manage Connections, the Profiles menu, the Search icon and in the lower part of the banner where your notifications will appear is a link to your Messages Inbox. All of this is packaged with the beautiful OS7 icons and a small footprint that will keep your device running smooth and fast.

    07-02-11 12:15 PM