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    Get it Here: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/67189

    This BlackBerry® Themes Inspired by the most famous party song " Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO".

    You will feel the entire Techno Party atmosphere in it, colourful spotlight party rock effect, flashing animation and of course a cool DJ to mix everything!

    Let celebrate your 2012 party with "PARTY ROCK 2012 BlackBerry® Themes"

    "Party Rock is in your BlackBerry® tonight, everybody just have a good time".........
    "Everyday, I'm SHUFFLIN"

    This animated Themes won't drain your BlackBerry battery because the animation will play only when you scroll the


    Would love to know how do you feel of the PARTY ROCK 2012 as a review on Blackberry Appworld and here.


    Cool DJ as a show / hide dock icons
    Flashing, Twinkling PARTY ROCK when you focusin icons
    Flashing, Twinkling PARTY ROCK when you have a new email
    Hidden dock with 6 user definable icons ( non touch devices)
    Hidden dock with 5 user definable icons ( 9100 & 9670)
    Hidden dock with 8 user definable icons ( touch devices)
    Glowing focus icon effect
    Custom glowing icon set
    Custom Battery and signal
    Profile spot on Homescreen
    Wallpaper friendly ( you can change the wallpaper with your own)
    Clean, fast, functional, stylish and easy to use

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    12-27-11 04:18 AM