1. somdfisher#AC's Avatar
    For the ladies (especially my wife)

    Hidden Today
    Hidden Buttons:
    Battery = options
    Time = Clock
    Signal = Profiles

    Icon 1 in the apps list will put the weather of your choice on the home screen


    Thanks berryaddicted.com for the hosting

    If you like my work and upcoming ideas hook it up

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    05-18-09 05:56 PM
  2. CocoaCutie73's Avatar
    Very nice! Luv the icons :-)
    05-18-09 07:28 PM
  3. pepe21's Avatar
    this is nice...though I wonder if you can make it black and white and not just Marilyn but also James dean,Humphrey Bogart,Elvis Presley and all of those.
    05-18-09 07:58 PM
  4. Dyzrv's Avatar
    yep nice theme i gotta get it for my sister
    05-18-09 09:14 PM
  5. Berry68's Avatar
    LOVE the icons. Thank you! Nice to see one for the ladies once in awhile =) Very nice
    05-18-09 11:48 PM
  6. somdfisher#AC's Avatar
    Thank you for the comments. I'm glad you like it. Maybe I can edit this one in the future for the others listed. I'm working on an outdoors theme now that is a little more involved than the last two I made.

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    05-19-09 06:43 AM
  7. mrssampsonette's Avatar
    Thanks Honey! <3
    05-19-09 12:32 PM
  8. somdfisher#AC's Avatar
    Thanks Honey! <3
    You're welcome sweetie!
    05-19-09 01:33 PM
  9. caliqtpi's Avatar
    I absolutely love your Marilyn theme! I recently uploaded the new software that does not work with any current theme in the landscape view. Do you think that you will update this one any time soon?
    10-29-09 03:54 PM
  10. darolyn334's Avatar
    nice theme
    09-17-10 10:35 PM
  11. claire.copeland33@yahoo.co.uk's Avatar
    Hi i wonder if anyone would put this Marilyn Monroe theme back on so i could download it to my blackberry 8520
    04-25-11 10:05 AM