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    Theme name: HT7
    Theme author: Wootability Designs (Padgoi)
    Supported Device Model(s) and OS: 95xx OS 5.0
    Theme Cost: SALE PRICE Only $2.99 NOW!
    Download Link: HT7 - Themes BlackBerry Software

    You guys are gonna love this one! I've finally got it to the point where I feel I've captured the intuitiveness of the HTC phones, coupled with the beautiful OS7 icons, the big clock, the speed (hand-coded SVG's), the creativity and of course multiple homescreens (landscape and portrait). I haven't been around much because honestly, I lost a little interest in theme creation for the Blackberry Storm 2 and with many people switching over to more modern phones, it just didn't seem worth it. But after taking a look at some of the current themes out there, I tried to incorporate many of the newer ideas with some of the older ones. You guys really will love this one. And you can get it now for only $2.99!

    - Big HTC-style clock with custom font just like HTC!
    - Landscape and Portrait Homescreens
    - FAST, Hand-coded SVG's
    - OS7 style icons
    - Beautiful and creative animations
    - Hidden Today (HTC-style - NEW!)
    - Supports User Backgrounds

    And for those of you who asked for additional screenshots, here ya go:

    07-08-11 03:46 PM
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    Please be advised, this theme is optimized for the Storm 2. I honestly have no clue how well it will run on the Storm 1. It runs very smooth on the Storm 2.
    07-08-11 05:36 PM
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    Oh, one other thing:

    1. Touch the middle of the clock on portrait view to show the Hidden Today.
    2. Touch the middle of the clock on landscape view to show 4 hidden icons.
    3. Hit the Escape key to return on every screen.
    07-08-11 05:38 PM
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    Version 1.1 has been released:

    Fixes in this version:

    - Fixed left and right alignment of text underneath clock on portrait homescreen.
    - Sped up animations on portrait homescreen.
    - Middle button on bottom dock on portrait homescreen is now icon #11.
    - Moved battery placement on portrait homescreen to left side of banner.
    - Added background behind icon text on portrait and landscape homescreens for added HTC feel.

    Screenshots of changes:

    07-14-11 02:51 PM
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    Lowering this to only $0.99 for the next 2 weeks. Come and get it!!!
    07-15-11 10:12 AM