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    Some of you might remember this free theme from
    a while back. Blackberry Girl had been a free theme
    available for only keyboard devices. But now it has
    been revamped and available for not only keyboard
    devices but for touchscreen devices as well! And
    what better theme to debut the new addition to
    the mascot family, Celly, than Blackberry Girl!
    Enjoy this freebie from TWP!

    A very wallpaper friendly theme for the girls. Smooth purple and pink accents envelope your Blackberry on this theme. Themes of this kind are a bit hard to find so download it for free right now!

    • 6 hidden customizable icons on homescreen
    • On-screen instructions by Celly
    • No carrier
    • Transitions throughout
    • Wallpaper friendly

    Get Blackberry Girl for FREE from the Crackberry store HERE
    01-05-11 02:26 AM