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    ---What gift for us in this summer?
    ---For me I wonder escape from all the noises and hot weather.Just like the song "Take me home country road" sung "country road ,take me home, to the place I belong ".
    ---And you will, I believe in, find this feeling in the theme"BriskPlus v3.0"
    ---It's wholly designed for this season and for your quiet heart.

    Last summer we released a well-known product "Brisk".Many friends have given us good advices.During the year,we always try our best to improve the user experience.Now,BriskPlus v3.0 released.
    BriskPlus v3.0 is not just a upgrade version.We re-produced all the material.Joined our latest technology.Users can change the background of the incoming call screen and the active call screen.(Attention please:except 8900 and 9000 versions,System limit.Only can change the lockscreen background.)The background is the wallpaper that user set.We handwritten the SVG code for every BlackBerry phone.7,000 lines of code reduced to 600 lines.Improve the efficiency of code.Significant effect!!!More features and faster!We are confident that users will like this theme.

    9800 landscape mode support.
    Change the active call and incoming call screen background by the wallpaper.(except 8900 and 9000 version)
    Change the lockscreen background by the wallpaper.
    22 customized icons for 85|89|90|93|96|97 versions,17 customized icons for 98 version.You can forget the applications list now.
    Calendar,Messages and Text messages list display on desktop.
    Click "0" to show the calendar list,
    Click "i" to show the customized icons list,
    Click "z" to show the top customized icons only,
    Click "escape" to hide all dock.
    Click "space" to the 23th application in the applications list.(9800 version:18th app.)
    Click "$" to SMS and MMS directly on the desktop.
    Click unread icons to messages,Click battery meter to options,Click signal meter to manage connections.
    The newly designed notification icon.
    Digital battery and Signal meter.
    Support the weather show and the profiles display on desktop.
    Clear font,user defined menu and message list font.
    Wallpaper friendly.
    No time lag and requires less memory.
    Free update.

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    9500 version update to 3.0.1,click bug fixed.
    06-10-11 01:50 PM
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    Best theme ever =D
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    06-20-11 01:20 AM
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    Best theme ever =D
    Thank you for your support!
    07-05-11 07:20 PM