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    Introducing BerryBionic, another RJ Design creation.
    Please see videos and screen shots for more detail before purchasing.

    *Storm and Torch versions*
    BeWeather hotspot left side of screen.
    QuickLaunch hotspot right side of screen.
    Eight icons at the bottom are customizable. (slots 1 thru 8)
    Two mini icons at bottom are customizable. (slots 9 and 10)
    Touch arrows at bottom to slide the dock.
    Touch center grid between mini icons to hide and show icons (except the mini icons).
    Touch the notification bar at the top to show and hide the Today Screen
    Today Screen ONLY shows Messages and Calendar events.
    Trackpad navigation is not an option for the Torch version.

    Please ensure you select the correct theme for your device and as always please do a battery pull after initial install.

    02-25-11 05:46 AM