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    This is now being officially released. Thanks to those who provided feedback on the test version. This is released as FREE (donations accepted).

    Coming at ya is "3G Storm", a partnership in theme development by RedZapper and CorpSoft. For those who don't know, RedZapper developed themes for the BB Bold I believe. I noticed one of his themes and said it would be nice if it was available for the Storm. Well, RZ did that and it was one my early themes for the Storm 9530. Roll ahead a year, lots had changed. The original them didn't work with OS5, etc. RZ started to create a new version (as mentioned in this thread) but then he had to step away from theme developing. I reached out to RZ and long story short, he shared his in progress theme files with me. He had a solid concept and graphics, I picked up the torch and ran with it to finish it, adding the Storm feature set and other touches.

    Hidden Today and Screen Capture with Berry Weather Showing Independent Sliding Dock

    3G Storm V2 Features:
    • Top banner features 2 user defined application icons. Center is App Icon #1, mini icon to right is App Icon #2.
    • 2 rows of 5 application icons (user defined, applications 3 to 12), with separate scrolling hidden dock. Touch left button to hide/unhide top icon row, touch right button to hide/unhide bottom icon row.
    • Hidden today with Calendar (5 items), SMS/MMS (2 items) and Messages (3 items).
    • Custom Gloss Black Icon set, also added backdrop to icon display so third party icons have glossy backdrop.
    • Custom Battery and Signal meters
    • Hidden hotspots: Battery is Options, Date is Hidden Today, Notification Area is Messages, Network logo is ShortcutMe, Radar is QuickLaunch, Top Center of homescreen is BerryWeather, Profiles is Profiles, plus the usual Manage Connections and Clock hotspots
    • Application text display when you hover over icons (displayed just below the top banner

    Here is Theme roadmap:

    Original Theme concept and design created by RedZapper.
    Many thanks to RedZapper for sharing his theme files.

    Icons designed by Jonathan LundstrŲm.
    Many thanks to Jonathan for permission to use his icons in creating this theme.
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    09-24-10 03:27 PM
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    Holly cowww BOB!You made it!?!Keep it up man!!
    09-25-10 08:45 AM
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    I like this theme.

    I love the transitions but I would be good to have more colour in it.

    Excellent work though

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    03-06-11 08:57 AM
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    lookin good, fast too
    03-06-11 04:56 PM