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    Having a problem with getting our WIFI profile to work (UDS) on Android devices.

    I have a single WIFI profile set up and both users are running MDM. IOS devices ask to download a certificate, then connect to Wifi.
    Android devices get the profile pushed, and then try to connect to the wifi, but get stuck at "connecting". Will not connect.
    If i manually enter the username/PW the android device connects fine (but that defeats the purpose of the UDS)

    In the Wifi profile we have it set as follows
    SSID - set to network name
    Auto join checked.
    Network Configuration - Infrastructure.
    Proxy type - none
    Security type - enterprise
    Security type of the enterprise wifi profile - WPA/WPA2
    Protocols PEAP
    under authentication - Identification for TTLS, PEAP and EAP-Fast (BLANK)
    password checked, (and password entered)
    Username entered in username.
    Authentication type for enterprise wifi configuration - NONE

    It works perfectly on the IOS devices after accepting the certificate (even though it is set to NO cert).
    Does the android need to have a cert pushed for it to work or something?

    As mentioned above if i simply click the network, enter in the username/PW and click join the andorid works perfectly, so it seems like it is a problem pushing the credentials via bes12 app to the device?
    06-12-15 02:51 PM
  2. deiop's Avatar
    It depends on the android version you are using. Same with email profile.
    With some distributions / customised versions it will work, with other not. That's android

    Posted via CB10
    06-21-15 04:04 AM

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