1. menshawy's Avatar
    My colleague can't install EIM on his Z10 after he wiped and reinstalled the workspace. I contacted the BES Admin and from his side he said that the IT policy and profile could not be pushed to his phone.

    What could be the possible reasons?

    Simply 
    05-12-15 12:55 PM
  2. aussienick's Avatar
    I can only think that your BES Admin isnt very knowledgable. You can force a push of IT policy updates to devices, but the device itself does check on a regular interval for updates.

    Also, if your colleague wiped his device and then performed the BES Activation then it would bring his assigned policies back to the Z10.

    I would recommend going back to the BES admin and pointing out that it's not working and to review the user's account and assigned policies
    05-12-15 03:32 PM

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