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    We use Office 365 E3 Cloud and BlackBerry UEM Cloud with the Dynamics apps (all users are licensed with the Collaboration Suite).

    Can we make use of the Blackberry Connect app for IM?

    And if so do we need to have a BEMS on-premise server installed/configurated for this service?

    I read something about BEMS Cloud but no mention about BlackBerry Connect: What’s new in BlackBerry UEM Cloud | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

    Thanks for your answers in advance!
    02-10-19 03:33 AM
  2. BrooklynBerryAddict's Avatar
    Unfortunately the only service available currently with BEMS Cloud is push notifications. If you want to leverage Connect, Docs, or Presence you need to install an on-prem BEMS and configure it to work with your UEM Cloud instance.

    This is lame for organizations without a on-prem infrastructure but for now it's the only.

    I am hoping at some point BlackBerry makes more BEMS services available in the Cloud variant.
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    04-04-19 07:51 AM
  3. CNX66's Avatar
    I am hoping at some point BlackBerry makes more BEMS services available in the Cloud variant.
    This! Thanks for your answer.
    04-10-19 04:11 PM
  4. BrooklynBerryAddict's Avatar
    Those waiting for Docs support with BEMS CLoud will be happy to see this.

    Coming Soon - Updates to BEMS Cloud
    Jun 28, 2019•News
    Updates to BEMS Cloud will be generally available soon.

    What’s new in BEMS Cloud:
    Support for BEMS-Docs services: The BEMS-Docs service is now integrated in the BlackBerry UEM Cloud environment. Administrators can use the BlackBerry UEM console to enable, configure, and maintain document and file repositories and user access policies for mobile app users of the BEMS-Docs service. This release supports Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Box storage repositories. File Share and CMIS-based repository storage providers are not supported.
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    06-28-19 11:49 AM

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