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    I have configured a CalDav Calendar account on my Z10 it verifies over wifi with the server account and yet it does not show as a 'calendar' under Z10 'manage calendars'.

    The calendar is on a LAN WebDav server, I have given the z10 a fixed IP address on wifi and can see it on the 'workgroup' (using win XP).

    There are no other settings or 'show calendar' menus that I can see and am at a loss to make it sync/appear so that it can be used. It is presently on a 5 minute sync and have tried it on manual but since it doesn't appear as a calendar I cannot see how to sync it.

    The calendar has an h t t p:// address which I can use and change with 'lightning' on mozilla thunderbird. The webdav server is via 'VPOP3' a POP3 email server by Paul Smith computing. (Good server for small business/home use).

    I would really appreciate some help. Thanks

    note I cannot write the htt part of the address correctly as it is interpreted as a link.
    08-18-14 12:35 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    In an effort to get this answered I have moved it to Business Users.
    09-18-14 09:27 AM

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