1. joelduffield's Avatar
    So I have S9s setup as "work and personal - full control"

    It has removed basically all apps from both sides of the device, that's fine basically I can add them back in the work profile, and the personal profile is a clean slate except for phone and sms.

    However the samsung camera app isn't in the play store, i have tried adding it to "allowed system apps" that doesn't seem to do anything, and i think the reason is that if a look in a package name viewer the camera isn't listed as a system app its listed as a user app.

    If I use a package name viewer on the device its still listed under user apps in the personal profile, but the icon is missing in that list.

    the package name is com.sec.android.app.camera but the section for "launcher:" is nill, where as in other apps there would be a name there.

    I have to just be doing something wrong but I don't know what???

    01-30-20 08:50 AM
  2. Gundagordy's Avatar
    Try: com.sec.android.app.camera.Camera

    This works for me.
    02-12-20 10:45 PM

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