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    My company uses AT&T and I installed the enterprise system on the phone. My company won't let me view any emails (besides my work account). If I use the jlcommand and wipe the device (ie, remove the enterprise software), will the company be able to see what I download or what email is pushed to my device? Right now, some websites are blocked (bc of the software I am assuming). Basically, does the data go through AT&T or my company's server? If I wipe the device, will the company I work for know what data I receive (we have the unlimited plan, so that isn't an issue).

    Just trying to figure out how the data is routed. Thanks

    I hate carrying around 2 bb's. I have the storm, but like the work Bold better. I really only use my personal bb for email, so eliminating one would be great!! BTW, I can't get my work email on my personal email either.

    Reason I ask: A guy I work with did this and says it works perfectly fine. If anything comes of it, I'm sure he will just say he didn't know and nothing will probably happen. To me, Just not worth getting into any trouble to just carry one phone (and save 40 bucks a month).
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    If you wipe your device, you will be disconnected fom the BES. You will stop receiving your work emails. If it is a company owned BB, you are tampering with company equipment and they may take a very dim view of that.
    09-01-09 03:49 PM
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    nm..yahoo mail works, so ill just forward my gmail to the yahoo account. thanks
    09-02-09 02:01 PM