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    Hi all-

    Great forum - wish I had known about it, never really thought to look (yeah, shame on me).

    Not sure if this is the right forum, or if it's been asked (I did a few cursory searches but didn't find the answer), but apologies if either is the case.

    I recently left my job to start a small company (and when I say small, I mean it - just me at the moment, but plan to add 2 more in the coming months). I've always loved my Blackberry, but I guess I took the BES component for granted. Now that I'm without one, I'm suffering withdrawal, not to mention on client sites checking my business e-mail is stricly prohibited.

    My question is around the non-BES implementation of Blackberry. Since I don't plan to have more than 3 users anytime soon, it seems a BES purchase is a bit of a waste (not to mention I'd have no idea how to get the whole thing rolling, and it seems like drastic overkill).

    I currently have T-mobile service for my personal phone. What I'd like to do is purchase two Blackberrys to add to my existing plan, so that I can retrieve my personal e-mail, as well as maintain my calendar. The second would temporarily be for my wife, who I'd like to have a copy of my calendar (and would like her to be able to send invites for events that I need to know about).

    Where I'm lost is in the difference between BES and the personal service. Let's say I get these two - will we be able to send each other invites without the underlying BES? Will we be able to get push e-mail with our own SMTP/POP3 services hosted at my ISP, or will I need other software (or just set up polling)? Will there be any way to view our calendars from a desktop, or would the Blackberrys be the only way?

    I'm somewhat lucky, in that I haven't done much work on the SMTP/POP side, so I can change my setup if I have to in order to accommodate better collaboration with the BBs.

    Finally - I noticed that both T-Mo and Cingular have several offerings for data plans, but they seem to require voice when you're activating a Blackberry. Not an issue for me on T-Mo, since I already have voice, but I've been looking hard at some of the Curve deals, and despite rumors of an 8320 on the horizon (I really need a BB right now) and I would hate to have to switch over to Cingular at the moment or get voice there in addition to my existing line. Anyone know if either provider will sell me a BB at their incentive rates and only activate a data line?

    Thanks for any input/suggestions. If all these are covered somewhere else, again - I'm sorry, but a link would be greatly appreciated.

    06-21-07 11:08 AM
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    Hi !

    do RIM not have a BES express thing with up to 10 users for free on some plan - I am also new here so not allowed to post links - but try google a Bes express and read on RIM's site

    hope all goes well
    06-21-07 03:24 PM
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    Thanks for the reply syldnk...

    Actually, RIM does offer a free download and single client access license for small businesses which I came across shortly after posting the above.

    While I do intend to look into it (you need the IMEI number of the BB for the initial client access license, which I don't have yet), it would require installing and maintaining BES 4.1 for me alone (the free solution) and I don't know what the additional client access license would cost (hopefully, inexpensive but you never know).

    What I'm hoping to better understand is the requirements for BES, and what you lose when you go without it. It seems the carrier plans are more expensive when BES is involved (I don't know BES from a technical perspective, but I assume that's because there's more messaging involved). If I forgo BES, I'll probably give up some functionality, but at a reduced cost (maintenance of the BES server, additional client access license, cheaper carrier costs).

    What do I give up if I do forgo it, though - and are there any workaround that make the resulting access similar? Those are the questions I'm really trying to get at.
    06-21-07 04:29 PM