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    I am looking for help setting up a proxy profile for our Android Enterprise activated Samsung devices so that traffic that is sent via the Enterprise Connectivity VPN back into our internal network is sent to a proxy server and devices can then use this to get out to the internet.
    Currently we use a per-app VPN configuration and applications such as Samsung Email & Skype are included in this so they have access to our internal servers, non-corporate apps are not included. Any app that is included in the per-app VPN does then not have access to the internet as they have no knowledge of our proxy server.

    The reason we need this functionality is we are migrating from on-prem exchange to O365 Exchange Online. To login to our O365 mailbox's we need to connect to outlook.office365.com from within our internal network as we have ADFS claims set to only allow listed IP ranges, any not included in this list are rejected. To enable this to work I believe we would need to be able to configure the Outlook app to use the VPN and our proxy server so it has access to both internal servers and the internet.

    I have attempted to configure a Proxy Profile using our Proxy server details and have applied this to a user directly and also attached this to the enterprise connectivity profile however I have been unable to get out to the internet. I am not convinced the proxy profile is actually being utilised as it isn't shown within the UEM client as applied and even when I include fictitious details within the policy the Enterprise Connectivity still works.

    I have found conflicting information on whether this is even possible, from the BB documentation it seems this is only available on Android Enterprise devices when using a Wi-Fi profile however the below document suggests it is supported when including within a EC policy;

    Environment: Blackberry UEM 12.10.1
    Devices: Samsung J5/J6 activated with a Work space only (Android Enterprise).

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated, I have also raised a ticket with BB support.
    02-28-20 09:38 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Make sure and let us know how the Support ticket goes.... might help someone else.
    02-28-20 03:10 PM
  3. MarkT-GB's Avatar
    Update - I have managed to configure a proxy profile(With our internal web proxy address) and applied this to an Enterprise Connectivity profile and now have access to both internal addresses and the internet for apps going down the per-app VPN. From here I plan to configure a purpose built proxy just for our UEM devices to use and then restrict access to only Office 365 as we ideally don't want all apps within the per-app VPN to have internet access.

    I'm still curious to know if this is a method used by anyone else or if there is a way to configure the Blackberry routers/Blackberry UEM servers to provide internet access to without the use of an additional Proxy server. I didn't set our UEM environment iup initially and don't fully understand how the VPN works it's possible there is something wrong with the configuration.
    03-04-20 09:39 AM

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