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    Does anyone know how a .PAC file return "DIRECT" works when a .PAC file is applied to a Enterprise Connectivity profile?

    We are wanting to move from having a standard per app Enterprise Connectivity profile to having a per app Enterprise Connectivity profile with a Proxy Profile. This is so we can specific traffic to specific proxy servers.

    We have configured a "PAC Configuration" proxy profile which points to our internally hosted .PAC file. Within the .PAC are rules to send all internal and intranet traffic direct with the return "DIRECT" command. Internet traffic is sent to a specified Proxy server.

    When testing the .PAC with apps that connect to our on-premise infrastructure e.g. Skype For Business & VMware Horizon we are seeing strange results with the apps failing to connect. When I look through the app error logs I can see errors relating to "Web Exception's" & "Server Protocol Violation's".

    These same apps work correctly when just coming down our Enterprise Connectivity profile without the Proxy/.PAC applied. I have even attempted to create a test .PAC file which sends all traffic "DIRECT", this also produces the same errors. I would have though this would essentially act the same as the EC without any proxy profile applied as the traffic is not being sent to a proxy.

    Am I correct in thinking that traffic being sent "DIRECT" should connect just like the traffic would if it was going down the EC IP Tunnel with no proxy profile applied?

    Environment: Blackberry UEM 12.12.0
    Devices: Samsung J5/J6/A40 activated with a Work space only (Android Enterprise).
    Servers: 4 UEM servers along with 4 UEM routers in our DMZ.
    11-13-20 12:07 PM

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