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    About to setup a new user ("bob") on BES with their abc.com domain. The company recently bought another company (xyz.com), to which I have full control over their MX records, so I can pretty much setup what I want mail-wise. The Blackberry's going to be setup on abc.com primarily through BES, but:

    1. user needs to be able to send/receive as [email address] and doesn't want to mix mailboxes; imperative that xyz.com mail doesn't go out as abc.com (and vice-versa).

    2. want it to be as simple as possible for the user. Its ok if they have to "pull" the mail, just don't want it to be a confusing click-fest to get xyz.com mail.

    3. user only cares about xyz.com mail, doesn't need calendar, tasks, etc.


    1. send mail to Exchange, install LogicMail IMAP client on Bob's Blackberry: seems to be ok, but need an outgoing SMTP server (can't use company's mail server; it's locked down by IP and have no idea what IP the Blackberry will go out as for Internet traffic); would the telco provide outgoing SMTP service? They use the same telco for their high-speed Business Internet at the office; surely they'd be able to provide an account.

    2. Use Google Apps. Tested with mine own Google Apps domain using the gmail plugin for Blackberry; seems ok to me. Interface seems ok too. Not sure how client feels about the Big G holding all their mail though.

    3. Use BIS(?) -- not really familiar using BIS and alternative accounts (Yahoo!, hotmail, gmail, etc.) but I'm assuming I could set this up as well; would the "Messages" icon/inbox be separate from the BES account's "Messages"?

    Anything else I'm not thinking of? Comments? Kind of leaning towards Google Apps myself; LogicMail seems a bit crude interface-wise.
    07-07-09 05:37 PM
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    You can only have one email set up on a BES account, you can still have upto 10 BIS address' on a device with BES. If that doesn't make since I will try to explain.

    I would set your user's abc.com address using BES, this will allow him to wireless sync his calendar/contacts/tasks etc. to his desktop as it sounds like this is his primary email address.

    I then would go in and set up his xyz.com address using BIS (you are able to run both on one device), by selecting 'Email Settings' icon on the main screen on his device. If you have OWA for your xyz.com address it will be very easy to set up this address. If you do not you will have to provide a pop and smtp address to get the email to flow back and forth from the device.

    Hope this aids in your situtation.
    07-19-09 09:37 AM
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    I forgot to note that if he replys to an email delivered to abc.com it will be sent from abc.com and if he replys to an email delivered to xyz.com it will be sent from xyz.com
    07-19-09 09:38 AM