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    We have one Exchange Forest with a 4.1 BES server. We have a new forest with Exchange 2007 and BES 5. I am trying to get the steps on how to migrate the users without loosing user apps and data. I have called RIM a few times and have been getting different answers. Since this is a seperate forest, a simple migration is not possible. I dont mind having to activate the user on the new BES, but just want to keep user setting and apps.

    11-22-10 02:29 PM
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    I would need some more clarification here to assist.

    Is it 2 Active Directory forests that you wish to migrate between or:
    2 Active directory domains in the same Active Directory forest or:
    2 Exchange Organizations in the same Active directory Domain.

    It should be possible to do what you are wanting to, though it might be complicated depending on your configuration, feel free to PM me with more details and I will see what I can do to assist.
    11-22-10 03:21 PM
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    My knowldege of MS Exchange is limited however it it working with a similar situation of upgrading a 4.1 BES to 5.0.x you have two options:

    1. Upgrade the 4.1 BES domain into the new one, then move the users from the 4.1 to the 5. The failout of this is that once you update the 4.1 you will lose administration capibilities to it so it's something that has has to done all at once.

    2. Keep the two BES systems apart, obtain a BES migration kit which includes a temp SRP ID and use the Blackberry Transportor utility to move users from the old to the new. If you are working with a whole new BES you may already have the SRP and CAL's taken care of. The migration kit just let you run an addtional BES until you can get everyone migrated, kinda like a eval license of sorts.

    Now when I speak of domains, I talking about BES domains; unless I misunderstand, It appears you have two seperate Exchanges systems, each with their own BES? If that's the case, I "think" that the Transporter would be the way to go if your already have your old and new BES's up and running. I have ran different BES's and use the Transportor to move users inbetween them but they were all tied to the same single email system.

    With having two forests with Exchange, I would almost guess too that you may have different internet domains tied to each forest along with the different email domain to their repective BES domains? If that's the case I'm not sure if you can migrate users from one BES to the other BES as that internet email address/domain must be the same since that's the basis of the ID for enterprise activation on the devices.

    Be aware that RIM may not suggest using the Transporter (it's part of the 5.0 BES resource kit) as a migration utility to move any users from a 4.1 to 5 BES as such is "unsupported" however in the real world, it works in most cases but again the activation email addresses for the user must be the same.

    What conflicting advice are you receiving from RIM? What have they suggested?

    If you have totally different BES's on seperate email systems (with different internet email address domains), you may have but no choice than to re-created and re-activate the users on the 4.1 to the 5 BES. As long as you don't wipe the devices, you should be able to re-activate to the new server without losing application and settings on the devices. Just simply enable the new account on the new BES 5 and preform a new enterpise actiation on the device (OTA or by the BES 5 web desktop manager).
    11-23-10 11:04 AM
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    Thanks for the response. Yes, these are two separate Exchange systems each with their own BES. I did go with the migration kit route and will use the transporter tool. I know using the transporter tool between forests is unsupported but in my testing it seems to work. Especially since user names and email address will remain the same.

    The conflicting info from RIM, depends on which time I called. When ordering the migration kit, I was told that the transporter tool with work, even though I always mention this is for separate forests. In my next call, I was told that would not work, but a security wipe would be needed, which will keep all user settings, apps, etc. Next call, they mention that with the security wipe, I would loose all user info.

    If the security wipe is an option, I’m fine with that, but being able not to loose user apps and settings is very important.

    11-24-10 10:11 AM