1. dajogejr's Avatar
    So my company is expanding, we are going to be using another domain.
    All of our email is hosted.
    We have our current users on Hosted Exchange with Hosted Blackberry BES.
    It works like an absolute charm.

    Our provider (hosting company) will host email for as many domains as we like.

    However....my question is this. Can we use the native blackberry application for multiple BES accounts.

    Say...for example, I currently use Hosted Exchange (HE) and BES for the email address:

    This is the account I used and activated in my BES control panel (since it's hosted, I don't get the full blown suite of options, just the necessities)

    Can I use that email address in addition to:

    user@companyb.com as well?

    I know how to add normal, Internet based email accounts in phones (Google, ATT, Yahoo.com) or in other words, add a second or third POP based account...but this will be hosted...to use the push benefits.

    Any experience or thoughts with this?

    04-14-10 10:11 AM
  2. NetworkGuy's Avatar
    I believe it can be done, however it is very complicated as one of your BES providers have to change the name of the service books they push to you. The default is desktop. Along with that, I'm not sure which IT policy would become the dominant one.

    You are probably best off using BES for one and setting yourself up for POP for the other.
    04-14-10 12:31 PM
  3. dajogejr's Avatar
    I was thinking about that (Thanks!!) but the only question I have is...POP.
    No push service. I guess I can set it up to pull every 10 or 15 minutes...right?
    04-14-10 12:46 PM