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    We currently have an issue whereby some of the iPad we are trying to prepare are not going through the DEP setup process.
    The devices are added to our DEP server using apple configurator 2 on our apple Mac.
    The device serial number are showing in our DEP server and assigned to our UEM server.
    However the serial numbers are not showing in the "Apple DEP devices" section in BB UEM.
    Also there is a difference in number of Apple DEP devices between the DEP server and the UEM server. In DEP it shows we have 2,326 devices assigned to UEM, however in the UEM console under Apple DEP devices section it shows we only have 2006 devices.

    When we try to set up the device, we connect it to wifi, it is then meant to connect to our DEP/UEM and ask for the username & password.
    However it is not getting to this step and is just going through the standard iPad setup.

    Therefore I tried the following on a device:
    - Factory reset using the mac.
    Tried to set back up, Still didn’t go through DEP setup.

    - Tried a restore using the mac
    Tried to set back up, Still didn’t go through DEP setup.

    - Tried connecting it to a different internet source
    Tried to set back up, Still didn’t go through DEP setup.

    - Tried un-assigning it on the DEP server, which changed its status on the DEP server to Unassigned, & then tried re-preparing it using the mac.
    After the prepare the serial number status changed from Unassigned to Devices Added by Apple Configurator 2
    To which I then re-assigned it to UEM.
    Tried to set device up again and still didn’t go through DEP setup screen.

    - Factory reset the device and left it overnight.
    Tried again in the morning and still not going through DEP.

    01-18-19 03:28 AM
  2. Mynet85's Avatar

    Try to turn logging to debug an look for something like
    “model":"Service Other","os":"iOS","device_family"

    If you find this line you have the same problem as I have with 8 of my devices. Though my DEP account had less devices, still nearly 7 percent of them now not accessible.

    It looks like in the DEP database these devices have an incorrect device model record.

    By test I assigned them to AirWatch where it showed that these iPhones are Apple TV devices.

    I added my devices just like you with Apple Configurator to DEP.

    I have a case open with BB Support since beginning of November 2018, if’d like you can refer to it: Case Nr. 0004855587

    Support’s advice was to contact Apple and get this fixed by them.

    I’m relieved now that I see I’m not the only one with this problem.

    If you have a case open with BB Support too, please let me know the case number.

    01-19-19 06:06 PM
  3. Mynet85's Avatar
    There is now a KB article about this issue: http://support.blackberry.com/kb/art...mber=000054985
    01-31-19 03:10 AM
  4. Mynet85's Avatar
    Fyi, I got an SQL script from BB Support what is a workaround and seems to work. Still it will shows Service Other as device type at the Apple DEP device section of BES, but I can assign Activation Profile and phone activation works too. Please refer to the above KB article or to my BB support case number to get the same SQL script.
    02-26-19 11:47 AM

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