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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have an interview at RIM... TOMORROW!!! I am technical in the sense that I have been a deskside/technical rep for 7+ years but don't have much experience dealing with the BES... My only experience is owning a BlackBerry and helping my friends with upgrades, etc...

    My question is. For the past few days (since my first phone interview on Monday) I have been going through the Technical Guide to BES I downloaded from the RIM website, and I am a little confused. Does anyone know of a BES for Dummies version of this stuff?

    I need it ASAP... I am nervous and want to nail this interview. If I get it... I can't wait to have all the insider information... Oh, and sharing is caring of course!

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! I don't like to admit this... But... I'M DESPERATE!!!!
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    I am so sorry!!! I forgot to say Please!!!!
    12-17-09 07:42 PM
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    Sorry, no advice, but I would like to say goodluck!

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    I would like to say good luck
    12-17-09 08:16 PM
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    Moving to the Blackberry Administrators Forum.
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    Good luck Google and you may find something to help you out. Don't mention you are a Crackberry member in your interview either.
    12-17-09 08:20 PM
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    While I don't have advice on enterprise solutions, I have some straight up advice for you, I hope it helps.
    Ask as many questions as you have? It shows sincere interest, and will prove you aren't afraid to ask questions? I'm sure they aren't expecting you to know everything, just some things. But mainly that you want to know more, and to improve your knowledgebase. The fact that you are doing as much research as you are shows you would be a great addition to their team. I would even bring it up in the interview (if I were you anyway.)
    Mainly, act as if you are interviewing them as well. Ask them about the business, the job you want, advancement, benefits, etc.
    You'll amaze yourself with what you know anyway, I'm sure of it. In fact, I'm not even going to wish you good luck, 'cause you don't need it! (Luck is for suckers anyway )
    P.S - I would also suggest not mentioning crackberry, or "sharing is caring." They take that stuff pretty seriously.
    * I am not a motivational speaker I have however, been both interviewer and interviewee many, many times. *
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    Oh My Goodness!!! Redheadincognito! Thanks!!! Your words definitely helped!!! I have to go to sleep now because it's a two hour drive to Waterloo from here and my appointment is pretty early!!! Cheers everyone... Thanks CrackBerry!
    12-17-09 09:34 PM
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    I was kidding about the sharing is caring part... LOL!!! I would never risk my job (if I get it) and I know they are very strict on those things...
    12-17-09 09:35 PM
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    You can find this info by using search box in the top of website with some keywords related before posting questions.
    11-26-11 07:16 AM