1. tsotsi's Avatar

    I have a user and after i have activated her device the activation just hangs at 60%. The device still sends and receives mail just fine, 7 items are just not syncronizing completely for whatever reason, called the Mobile network provider but all seems to be ok there side.

    Any clues to what might be causing this behaviour and how to I go about resolving it.

    I've deleted and added the account on the the Blackberry Manager 3 times now, same result.

    05-06-08 09:52 AM
  2. Fiveby5's Avatar
    okay, about those 7 items could not synch, they're highly possible be corrupted data. If it tells you the item location, i would backup the mailbox and then delete those 7 items and try again. if it doesn't tell you the location and you have no idea where those 7 items located, here is what you can do below. (if you haven't try it yet.)
    1) exmerge the mailbox to a PST file, 2) perform a "mailbox clean" (exchange 5.5 term) or a (remove exchange attributes (ex2003 term) of that mailbox. and 3)perform a handheld wipe on the berry device, then 4) synch the device with the mailbox. Finally, 5) exmerge the PST file back to the mailbox. (pls make sure the alias name is the same as before)
    05-22-08 02:49 PM