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    I have a Torch 9800 activated on my BESx. When using BlackBerry Bridge, my PlayBook's Bridge Browser connects through my BESx to the Internet. I know from a security standpoint this is the correct (and default) behaviour, but I'm wondering if there's any way of turning this off in an IT Policy?

    I'd rather my PlayBook piggy-back on my BlackBerry's BIS, rather than backhauling through my (home) BESx. I'm sure it would be quicker than it is now, since I've only got a DSL connection at home.
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    04-29-11 10:20 PM
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    No way. It is considered work data, so it will always use the MDS transport
    05-01-11 10:50 AM
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    Unless you configure your Blackberry itself to go through BIS its not possible, the Bridge browser appears exactly like the Blackberry browser to BES, so unless you configure your BB to go through BIS your playbook will also always go through your BES MDS.
    05-11-11 09:24 AM
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    But that's the thing. My BlackBerry does go through BIS. BESx allows you to keep your data plan through BIS and do all the corporate stuff through the BESx server. I'd like the PlayBook to use HIS since it's quicker. It would be nice, if there's a way to do that, but no biggy if there isn't!

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    05-11-11 09:40 AM
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    To answer your question, there is no way to switch your device from/to BESx/BIS as you want.
    By default, your playbook will use BES for anything bridged, since your device would do the same thing when not bridged.
    05-11-11 10:09 AM