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    Okay so I am about ready to install Blackberry Enterprise Server on this server, but i have one question. Does it matter that SQL is already running on this server. accourding to my instructions from blackberry i need to "specigy a remote Microsoft SQL server"

    Soes it matter if i use the local server that already has it running?


    PS. If you are in the same boat I am here is some helpful instructions from blackberry that help you install on a Small Business Server.
    http://http://www.blackberry.com/bts...d=1 0 66148096


    Well I started the install and now i am getting an error Database Server not found. Verify the provided information. Should i do the Mds install? Thanks!!!!
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    11-14-07 04:39 PM
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    It doesn't matter if you have SQL running already, What matters is that your BESAdmin has permissions to create the database on the server. 1 of my sites has a dedicated SQL server for all databases in use in the company at that site and it's where my BES server's database is at.
    11-14-07 07:41 PM
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    so what step did i miss to give it rights. I still am getting the error. What am i doing wrong. AHHH help me, i dont need any more gray hairs.
    11-14-07 07:44 PM
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    When it asks you for your database server, make sure your using the correct name and make sure you can ping the database server name from your BES. Also use the sa user when it asks for the username when installing the database.
    11-14-07 08:38 PM
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    Thanks i got it, i had to use the correct name, I just needed to slow down, but i got it, says its up and running. I will test it tomorrow on my clients bb. Wish me luch, hopefully it all goes well.
    Thanks Everyone.

    11-14-07 09:11 PM
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    Setting up a BES seems very easy and it is for people that's done it many times, (I've done over 1000 installs myself) but for people that's new to it, you must take your time and read each screen. From here on out, it's easily manageable with plenty of BES Admin's on the forums here to help you out when you get stuck, and you WILL get stuck.
    11-14-07 09:25 PM
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    Thanks Audit,

    I am glad that i can count on someone to help. My boss has no idea how this stuff works, and **** until like 2 weeks ago, i had no idea that blackberry had so much stuff. Thanks again man, and if i do run into any problems tomorrow i will ask you guys, <and i can guarantee that i will have problems> Thanks Ya'll

    11-14-07 09:40 PM
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    Help With Same?

    I am trying to set this up and I get the Same Problem.

    Our SERVER name is NTSERVER buy I cannot find the name "NTSERVER" anywhere when I open the SQL Manager.(our company uses a different database backup - but we still have SQL 2005)

    The only Name I can see listed anywhere is "BKUPEXEC" which is listed in one of the drop menus. Also Show "SQL SERVER(BKUPEXEC)"

    I'm guessing the SQL Database is actually named "BKUPEXEC" and not NTSERVER like our server is named?

    If this is the case... when It comes to put in the database name do i put...
    just BKUPEXEC

    Unfortuatnlly it's not just as easy as going and try as this is the main server and when I go to log into BESAdmin account I need to shut down all the computers that are connected to the server so we don't lose any information.

    I'd appreciate any help I can get here!

    01-09-08 09:48 AM
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    I am trying to install BES Server to a client, and there is no sql server running, and when i am trying to install it, it says
    "No database found"

    The last time that I installed it there was a bckpexec running, and there is nothing on this server, it is a fresh install. Please help.

    02-01-08 11:59 AM
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    Here is the nuts and bolts:

    You will require a SQL Server on which to place the BES Configuration Database. It doesn't matter if you use full SQL 2000 or 2005, or MSDE 2000 (included with all full installs of BES) or SQL Express 2005 (included with BlackBerry Professional Software).

    You first need to determine if there is a SQL server in the environment that you want to use. The key word there is WANT....just cuz you have a SQL server, doesn't mean you HAVE to use it.

    If the SQL server if already in place on the same box you're going to install BES on, you do not have to use the included MSDE or SQL Express version....just say you're using a "remote SQL" and then specify the netbios name of the box when prompted.

    The same steps are used if the SQL server is installed elsewhere, except that you also have to FIRST make the BlackBerry Service Account (BESAdmin) a SYSAdmin on the SQL server. (refer to the install guide for specifics of this.)

    -Read the install guide
    -Follow the install guide

    The vast majority of problems encountered are due to people not following the two tips above.
    02-03-08 12:01 PM
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    If backup exec is the only server available, use that as your database.

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    02-26-08 04:24 AM