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    We are running iPhones under UEM 12.9.1 It seems that since IOS 12 was released (and now IOS 12.0.1) the contact sync capability between Blackberry Work and the native iPhone contacts no longer works. People who have synced contacts still have those available, but any updates that get replicated to the Work contacts do not make it to native phone contacts. If a user has never synced from Work to the native contacts then they are currently unable to get any contacts over to the native phone. This was working fine for us with IOS 11.x devices.

    Has anyone else observed this or can verify with IOS 12 ???
    10-16-18 12:03 PM
  2. freakinvibe's Avatar
    That still works for me on an iOS 12 iPad with UEM 12.9.1 and the latest BlackBerry Work client.

    If it does not work for you, there is now also an alternative to that. You can now allow the native phone app to access the BB Work contacts via Apple's CallKit. See details below:

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    10-17-18 06:25 AM
  3. scottj3's Avatar
    Thanks freakinvibe - just to verify - updates to your contacts are still replicating from work to native phone contacts? Looking at the KB article it was referring to access to contacts for things like caller ID. I think that is still fine for us.

    Our issue since IOS 12 was the actual replication of changed contact data from Work to the native phone. For example I added a new user in Outlook contacts and it immediately shows up in Work contacts on my iPhone - which is expected. However that new contact does not get replicated to the native phone, so when you click the phone icon to make a call and then select contacts below the dial pad that new entry is not there.
    10-17-18 08:12 AM
  4. scottj3's Avatar
    We found the issue with this and Blackberry seems to have confirmed. There is a policy that must be set to allow in order for contact sync to continue to work with IOS 12. It was a policy we have always set to disallow. The policy is "Allow documents from unmanaged sources in managed destinations". I know this makes no sense if you read what that policy should be doing versus what our issue is, but it is confirmed to be happening. Blackberry seems to be exploring as a bug.
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    10-18-18 10:12 AM
  5. techiecheng's Avatar
    Scott, I'm aware of that policy, but that exposes more than just corporate contacts to native contacts. I'm working with BB support on this same issue as well. What version of UEM are you on? I'm still on 12.7.2 and wonder if 12.9 fixes it.
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    10-24-18 09:41 AM
  6. nevilleadaniels's Avatar
    Since it does not seem to have been a solution to this.
    I hope that BlackBerry work account was added to the iPhone accounts section.
    And then iPhone contact authorised to blackberry work and vice a versa.
    And the all important thing, Is to actually install a UEM client on the iPhone and fully authorise that accordingly including too contacts
    05-18-19 03:04 AM

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