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    We've been running BES 4.1.4 on 9810's for 8 years or so. Time to upgrade. I've set up a test environment for Server 2008 and have gotten a trial license for Bes12.

    I don't do smarthost but rather still use the pop connector in my old SBS 2003 installation. I also have the same setup in my SBS 2011 test environment but pointing to a test account, both using the same domain.

    My questions is simple and hard at the same time.

    Can I run BES 12 on my test server pointing to the test account at the same domain that I use for my 4.1.4? All instances of BES are on different machines, no mixing of DB's, running against different users. When I installed BES12 it put an ip address on it's virtual network adapter from my production network even know I'm on an entirly different network. That wigged me out making me think it was somehow pulling down part of the 4.1.4 config from the BB servers. I haven't really messed with it since.

    I really just want to make sure that nothing I do with BES 12 in my test environment will screw up my current 4.1.4 system. I'm concerned that something might happen on the BB server side (their servers), that upgrade to 12 and make my old system stop working.

    Can anyone provide any insight as to whether I am safe continuing to test?


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    You'll be fine

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    10-28-15 02:55 PM

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