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    We are looking for a way to push out a .txt file to all of our berry fleet and I am not sure if that is possible. The goal is to push out a resource (in this case a text file to appear in the memopad) with all of the mobile numbers of employees in our company on it with out paying a lot for a 3rd party software solution. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    07-02-08 02:39 PM
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    I don't think you can push a memo entry that way but couldn't you push the addresses via a LDAP or GAL store that you can push via policy to all your users? Good luck either way.
    07-02-08 02:59 PM
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    LDP? Sorry, but I am unfamiliar with this acronym and unsure how to include the GAL in a group policy. Please, tell me more.
    07-03-08 12:37 PM
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    If you are using exchange you could just create a memo with all of the numbers on it then forward it to all of your berry users. Once they save the attachment it will sync to the blackberries via the wireless sync.
    07-03-08 02:01 PM
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    If you populated the Exchange GAL with mobile phone numbers, they should be able to just look up the person and get the number right from there. If it's someone they want to call often then they can just add it as a contact.
    07-06-08 08:41 AM
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    Thanks for eneryone's help.
    07-11-08 06:09 PM