1. bueffel91's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    at my Company we are using Blackberry UEM for MDM. Im using the Dashboard (Click on Device complience) to export data for internal reports. Displayed Informations in the CSV are

    "Display name,"Compliance type","Platform name","Device model","Software version","Phone number","Home carrier","Network type","Last contact date","Email address","Device ownership"

    Now im wondering if it somehow possible to Add the IMEI to this Statistics. I tried getting the Information with Rest API but there is no direct shared Value on the Information i get from "/SXXXXXX/api/v1/users?" and "/SXXXXXX/api/v1/devices? to match them.

    I would really appreciate any help.
    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/qtrwd8d
    12-12-18 08:12 AM
  2. Mynet85's Avatar
    Hey, did you try to change the view of the device list page to advanced mode and do the export that way? That should export all these.
    12-14-18 08:17 PM
  3. bueffel91's Avatar
    Hey, when i export from "Managed Devices" List under the option "Users" I can choose the parameters via advanced. But the exported csv is still having all this Parameters which would result in me deleting the not needed ones by hand.

    Local user,OS compromised,Display name,Model,OS,Phone number,Home carrier,Current carrier,Ownership,Last contact,Username,Email address,Brand name,OS version,Group,User IT policy,Device IT policy,Device status,Activation type,Activation date,Device SRP,Client version,Security patch level,Out of compliance,Compliance violation,Company directory,Supervised device,Apple DEP,Available updates,Roaming,Wi-Fi MAC,Total internal storage,Free internal storage,Battery level,UDID/PIN,IMEI,GUID,SIM,MEID,Serial number,IMSI,User ID,BlackBerry Dynamics

    12-17-18 02:29 AM

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