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    Hi all,

    Need some suggestions, ideas, etc.

    I'm using UEM 12.7.1.a and I created a custom payload profile using Apple Configurator to add a second mail profile to iOS devices. It is set to connect to BSG, so for server I have set bsg-s...... But I keep getting "The connection to the server failed." The odd thing is the primary email on the same device connects to the exact same bsg-s..... server and works just fine.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    12-06-17 08:25 AM
  2. Benbb10qnx's Avatar
    You can't push two mail adresse via MDM systems.
    12-16-17 04:36 PM
  3. MatthewNi's Avatar
    You can't push two mail adresse via MDM systems.
    That's what the custom payload profile is supposed to solve. As per Blackberry's site:

    Managing iOS features using custom payload profiles

    Control an existing iOS feature that isn’t included in the BlackBerry UEM policies and profiles. For example, with BES10, your CEO’s assistant was able to access both her own email account and the CEO’s on an iPhone. In BlackBerry UEM, you can assign only one email profile to a device, so the assistant can only access his own email account. To solve this, you can assign an email profile to let the assistant’s iPhone access the assistant’s email account and a custom payload profile that lets the assistant’s iPhone access your CEO’s email account.
    01-03-18 10:45 AM

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