1. Moriarty.Returns's Avatar
    Hello chaps. I have searched but have not found. Hopefully, someone may be able to help.

    I have been asked to examine the BES logs for a certain set of search terms. Whilst my search has revealed a lot, I am puzzled as to how to identify a particular user for each entry reliably.

    For example, in the log we have a line like this:

    <time and date>:[11011]:<MDS-BBServer>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = HTTP, DEVICEPIN = u171, URL = hxxp://completely.inappropriate.com : SKIPPED IMGS 4 total size 2.10K, SENT IMGS 9, UPDATED IMGS 0, SKIPPED JS 0 total size 0.0K, SENT JS 0, UPDATED JS 0, SKIPPED CSS 0 total size 0.0K, SENT CSS 0, UPDATED CSS 0>

    Only thing is, the device pin mentioned is a completely different format to our device PIN's (e.g. '20674931').

    Where is this errant device PIN coming from? Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any responses...
    09-16-09 12:23 PM
  2. dpvone's Avatar
    Which log file are you looking at? All of my PINs are alphanumberic.
    09-21-09 01:19 PM
  3. GlenB's Avatar
    Something odd going on there with your MDS service. Every pin I have every seen is an 8 digit hexadecimal number (digits 0-9, letters a-f). I just checked my MDS logs and the only devicepins in my logs follow the normal conventions.
    09-22-09 06:29 AM