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    Suddenly, nothing is consistent with my Blackberry. At times I get an email within 30 seconds and other times it takes 4 or more hours. I have a 8703e with Verizon and am using the Blackberry Internet Server.

    I ran a sample test yesterday. I sent 2 different emails (tests) to myself, one to my personal account and the other to my business account (both POP3) and both accounts are normally pick up by my Blackberry and are also picked up on my desktop computer using Outlook. I received both emails within 30 seconds on my computer using Outlook. I received the first email on my Blackberry in about 34 minutes and finally received the second email in almost 4 hours.

    I called Verizon and was told by a customer service technician that the Blackberry Server "works that way and I should be prepared to wait sometimes up to 8 hours." He could not understand "My Rush." You can believe what I told him after I got done laughing in his face. Now comes reality, four hours for an email is not much better and is not acceptable.

    I previously had a Trio and remember that I got mail in seconds. I don't want to go back to the Trio but I cannot wait around for up to 4 hours for an email. Am I the only one with this problem? Is there anything that can be done?

    Any help or suggestions will really be appreciated.
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    08-01-07 11:32 PM
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    I take it there is no filters on your account? Not sure what your provider is talking about, up to 8 hours!!!

    I say call back, and have them connect you with RIM (it's free then), and have RIM test it. Emails to your BlackBerry email address should be instant (or within 1 minute), regardless...
    08-02-07 05:18 AM
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    is it normal for it to almost instantly receive messages on my home computer but wait 5 to 15 minutes to receive on my blackberry curve via at&t?

    isthere anything that can be done to speed this up?
    09-16-07 07:44 AM
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    This just started yesterday for me to.Mail has slowed down.I have been receiving mail from Friday only just this morning. I am on Sprint/Nextel though. What is resending your service books that I have seen people referring to?
    09-16-07 07:57 AM
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    i don't know but just tried it

    on your blackberry... under blackberry setup icon... u need to login.. then it is under settings and says if u r having problems sending or receiving messages to send service books to your blackberry.

    then i received a messg saing congratulations you have suceeeefully stup your email address w your blackberry device. you should be receiving new messages in 20 minutes.

    we shall see.
    09-16-07 08:35 AM
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    Verizon gave you misinformation. There is no way you should have to wait up to 8 hours. Insist on speaking to a RIM technician. If you call RIM directly you must pay so go through Verizon and they will connect you. I have Verizon and I've never experienced receiving messages that long. After you have tried a battery pull, sent service books etc...I would again call Verizon and don't take no for an answer and get put through to RIM. Any RIM technician that I have gotten has always been able to help me with with whatever issues I was having with my device.
    09-16-07 09:19 AM
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    call Verizon again and ask for a replacement. Its your device, not the servers. It should never take longer than 1-2 minutes for your mail. Should be almost instant. They would rather replace it than take the man hours to figure it out.
    10-07-07 08:32 PM
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    I'm experiencing email delays on my VZW 8830. I also have a Nextel 7520 that gets the same emails before the 8830. Always. And sometimes 15 to 30 minutes faster. Maybe it's the device, but my 6 month test VZW has failed and is now coming to an end... switching to T-Mobile this week.
    10-09-07 06:30 PM
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    I talked with a level 3 tech at Verizon about this subject and he played guinea pig with my phone for a good hour with me to make sure everything worked right. I have 4 separate important emails that I have directed to my phone. I was having the same problem sometimes I would get my emails 3 min from the time they were sent and other times 4 hours and every once in awhile never. There is a hitch though and this is what we found out.

    The verizon BB email service updates approximately every 20 min.
    The higher technicians are able to "force" the server to check and get your email. This has to be done by hand though. The shortest amount of time possible for the updating is 20 min but they are capable of setting it to take longer. The reason sometimes that it takes 4 hours are 1 of 2 reasons. the service books are messed up and you can try sending them. Some other outside program is "pulling" the email from the server. I'll explain

    Microsoft outlook by default takes your email off the of email server and puts it into outlook. What you can have it do though is leave a copy of it on the email server for a few days before removing it. This lets the copy stay there so the BB email can pick it up. Part of my problem was that I was testing the emails with my outlook and my BB. Once you go to the settings of that specific email account in outlook and change that setting it seems to fix it. If you are using some other secondary program you should check the settings.

    I hope this helps and usually the saaps over at verizon have no clue what they are talking about unless they are the higher tier techs or supervisors and whatnot. They need better training I guess.

    I hope this helps

    Edit: I think that RIM handles all the redirecting for the BB email so I think this basically covers the other services I don't know though. Remember your paying your dues to your company make use of their technions your paying for it anyways
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    I was having a problem on my 8703e. I got an email at 730 am. Replied to it, and never got anything the rest of the day. Then when I got to my office later that afternoon (like 6 hours later) I still hadn't gotten anything. My co-worker said he had sent me stuff all day. We tested it out a few times sending emails back and forth and nothing. I was able to send them just not recieve.

    I called verizon and got a tech, he had me re-register it, send service books, battery pull. Still nothing. Told me he would call me back in 20 min. after the service books did there thing. He did, but I was unable to answer the phone because I was w/a client.

    I called back shortly after and got another tech, he was unable to help me (he just did the same things the previous tech did) so he transfered me to a level 2 tech. He started to have me do the same things, but I told him I had already done that numerous times. He sent me a test email from his email account and nothing. He then forced it a few times and I would get them. Then all the sudden I started recieving emails from any account I tried. He couldn't explain it...said the whole time the servers were working fine. For some reason My phone kept sending an error back, but they had no explanation.

    Haven't had any problems since then...Get my emails from my outlook work email in about 1 min...2 min max..I get my gmail emails in no more than 1 min, and I get my xxx@vzw.blackberry.net in about 3-5 seconds
    11-13-07 10:22 PM
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    If you are using Microsoft outlook then what Gatsu said is very important. You need to leave a copy of the mail on the email server for a day or two(even a day works fine) before removing it. This lets the copy stay there so the BB can pick it up. Just go into the settings of your Outlook using your desktop and select leave copy on the server and select the duration. If this option is not selected, then you wouldnt receive any Outlook messages on ur BB. They will be downloaded on ur Oulook present on ur desktop...
    11-14-07 02:57 AM