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    As I am a BlackBerry Professional & also administrating Blackberry Enterprise Server & handhelds, I would like to have some detailed information regarding BlackBerry Certification. Does any one hav any idea about it ??

    Let me know about the training centers located all around the world.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Muhammad Ali
    05-29-07 01:10 AM
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    Any Idea Guyzz ???
    05-30-07 06:53 AM
  3. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Sorry about the delay. I have no idea on this, but I know a man - LOL

    Audit01 could probably answer this, but he is not too well at the moment. We ask that you bear with us...
    05-30-07 07:19 AM
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    I showed audit01 this thread last night and he didn't know of any certs off the top of his head but then again his brain's not working all that well and they aren't sure when or if he'll get it working fully again. My best guess would be to contact RIM about it and see what certs they offer if any.
    05-30-07 07:28 AM
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    No Prolem Navilyn..

    But finally I gotta know about some certs offered by Blackberry, but still no idea from where a person can get training of these certs. Following are some of the certs offered :

    BlackBerry Certified Support Associate T2
    BlackBerry Certified Support Associate T2
    BlackBerry Certified Technical Associate
    BlackBerry Certified Technical Associate
    BlackBerry Certified Enterprise Sales Associate
    BlackBerry Certified Enterprise Sales Associate
    05-30-07 10:16 AM
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    Finally got a valid source of info regarding BB Certs & Training...

    05-30-07 11:00 AM
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    one more

    05-30-07 11:01 AM
  8. wxboss's Avatar
    06-03-07 07:55 AM
  9. Fiji's Avatar
    there are several certification available on the the blackberry website...
    i have done a few of them through the company that i worked with...to tell you the truth the content thats in the training is very basic and that is nothing you wouldnt be able to grasp without personal experience that is nothing major.....but i guess its the piece of paper that counts.
    03-07-08 06:35 PM
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    With a background in customer service (copier/printer repair), I'm looking for a new area of [technical] services. BB owner less than 1 year (but love my 9700). No certifications, some A+ type experience with assembling hardware and software installation. Exploring BB customer service perhaps with local NYC wireless carrier or retail outlet (for starters), then stepping up to BB helpdesk, then small office BES support.
    Now this is where I unload all the "?s":

    1) What would be a general career path to follow?
    2) Do I need experience/certification in any of the "Exchange Server" platforms?
    3) NYC area, what would be a "technician"-->"Administrator" starting/average salary?
    4) Is this a single occupation/job description? ie: BB specific support or entire network administrator & "handle BB while you're at it".

    I know this is loaded but any clarification, advice, encouragement would greatly be appreciated
    08-02-10 10:49 PM
  11. Tiassa's Avatar
    There aren't a lot of organizations that have dedicated BB only support people, generally it goes along with e-mail support, so learning to support Groupwise, Outlook/Exchanged or Notes/Domino would be a good thing.

    The three jobs you mentioned are really different career paths IMHO, working for a carrier's retail outlet isn't going to help you get a helpdesk job (It won't hurt, but it isn't going to give you an "in"). A corporate BB support job would be more likely part of the general help desk team, and while knowing the ins and outs for various BB's would be helpful it is more important to the workings of their environment as many organizations limit their employee choices of BB. "Small office BES support" isn't a real career option, unless you are a part of a larger organization that does generalized IT support for small business. Such companies exist, but I suspect they would be more interested in more of a generalist.
    08-03-10 08:39 AM
  12. biz_n_beats's Avatar
    Thanks, Tiassa for the clarification, advice, and encouragement! Much appreciated.
    Will look further into the e-mail server path along with BB support.
    08-05-10 11:33 PM