1. smoothrunnings's Avatar
    I have installed BES10 from scratch on a single server a few times now that I thought I might be able to trouble shoot issues with BES10 installations gone bad by others but it looks like if something goes bad its probably better to uninstall everything, check the system for files and the registry as well, then reinstall it from scratch again then trying to fix it.

    Someone installed BDS and Mgt Studio. They forgot what the BDS.Admin password was so they reset it in AD, the password works as I can connect to the server with it but BDS and Mgt Studio refuses it saying it's invalid, even though I am using MS AD as the method to log in with. (BIG SIGH)

    I have the same issue with UDS, the person installed it and didn't properly remove it, so I installed it again and wondered why all the settings were automatically put in...couldn't log on using anything in the end.

    I think I have gotten more greys today than I have most days! LOL

    Trick question, does the UDS SSL cert have to be an external SSL Cert? Can you create local server cert and use that instead?

    03-04-13 01:49 PM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    Pretty sure you can use a self-signed cert. The only catch is all users will get warnings when they first go to enroll.
    03-04-13 01:52 PM

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