1. werowance's Avatar
    Hi, my bes x server keeps removing a financial calculator software from my users phones and i could use a little help.

    what i used to do was apply a policy to the phone when setting them up, wait for the software to get on the phone, and then apply a more locked down policy that would not allow them to download any more software.

    i have the software package on the server and deploy it wirelessly. however it seems that now everytime the locked down policy gets applied it removes the app that i want them to have from the phone. when looking at the "resolved applications" it says that the app is not permitted by my policy. so i must not be doing something right to begin with and its just now showing up.

    what i want to do is push this app to all my users but not allow them to go out and download other apps without me knowing about it.

    what can i do to correct this,

    and is the setting in policy that is causing this "disallow third party application downloads" that is causing my problem?

    06-20-12 10:50 AM